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My name is David. Last summer I lived in the village with my granny and grandpa.There is a big forest and a ... near our village . Every day my friends and I went to the river . We swam and played with a ... on the green grass. One day in July we got up at 6 o\'clock in the morning and went to the forest . There were many ... and berries in the forest . We picked flowers,gathered berries and mushrooms. Suddenly one of the boys stopped and said, Look! What is this? We ran up to him and saw a small ... under a big tree.It was very nice and funny.Where is your mother,baby? We asked him . We took the fox baby home . We gave him fish and ... . He grew up quickly. We named him July. July liked to play with us.We were friends .One day when we wanted to play with July we couldn\'t find him. He ran away to the forest. Слова для справок : Ball,meat,fox baby,mushrooms,river.

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1. river
2. ball
3. mushmoors]
4. fox baby
5. meat

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1) river
2) ball
3) mashrooms
4) fox baby
5) meat

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