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The history of Russian literature of the XVIII century Soviet literature has largely rebuilt in the fight against a number of resistant prejudices of the era that prevailed in the bourgeois history of Russian literature. Among them is primarily characteristic of all RL XVIII century as imitative, wholly overcome by the influence of French pseudo-classicism, a kind of disease, which is struggling to overcome the individual writers of the pioneers of nationality and identity. All the complex variety of the literature of the XVIII century. , indicating the complexity and acuteness of the class struggle, was the bourgeois historians to the activities of several writers and luminaries Kantemir, Lomonosov, Sumarokov, Fonvizin, Derzhavin, Karamzin, and some of them are treated as outstanding representatives of Neoclassicism, and the other as timid the founders of realism. Tretiacova bourgeois literature of the eighteenth century fell out of sight of researchers, as well as the peasant oral traditions and literature, presented numerous manuscript collections, indiscriminately applied to the region continue the traditions of ancient literature. In bourgeois literary criticism there was of course some attempts to go beyond these established frameworks and to begin the study of popular literature (Sipovsky on the novel, A. A. Veselovskaya about love lyrics, etc.); but the limitations of the bourgeois methods of investigation drove them to the collection and pre-classification of the raw material to the presentation of the content. The situation hasn\'t changed today: Soviet literature was not paying enough attention to this area. In those cases, when these issues come up, the literary process XVIII century. covered with erroneous positions Plekhanovskaya the history of Russian social thought: put there the Menshevik theory of the class struggle of the eighteenth century , supposedly remained in a latent state...

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