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Рассказ по английски с переводом про создание и сюжет Гулливера, кратко и желательно не из переводчика. Очень надо!!

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The Novel By John Steinbeck.Swift\'s Gulliver\'s travels is one of the most remarkable novels in the history of literature. The ship, which sails Gulliver is wrecked and he finds himself in the particular countries. Midgets it seems im a giant, and they forced him to follow Lilliputian manners, for example to carry out philosophical reflection about which end to break an egg to eat. And then he finds himself in the land of giants where he is small, funny toy... he has Visited and learned men in many places, including on the flying island of Laputa, where special servants are beaten with bags of peas on the heads of the scientists, diverting those from deep thinking to do.

Finally, Gulliver enters the country of the intelligent horses guingmov - noble creatures, compared with which the human animal is. Satirically it is located under the name of Jehu. At the end of the novel Gulliver is returned to England, having learned much about themselves and the world.

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