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Помогите пожайлуста:** write a postcard to a friend. Write: where you are, how long you are going to stay there, what the weather is like, the name of the local festival, what you\'re going to do during the festival, what you think of the festival

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Dear Suzan,

Thanks for your letter.
I wish I\'d been at that party and had fun with all of you! I usually have birthday parties. I invite some of my class- mates and closest friends. Besides birthdays my friends have New Year\'s parties, but I don\'t attend them since New Year is a family celebration here. My favorite celebration is Halloween, which has become popular here. However it\'s not allowed in my school, that\'s why my friends and I have Halloween parties at home. We dress up in costumes have snacks and drinks play jokes, dance and tell scary stories. Sometimes our parents join us. I really think this day is for fun!
Tell me about your grandma\'s visit. How long did she stay? What did you do? Does she live far away? Write soon!



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