Гость Оʻzbek tili Архивный вопрос

Раскройте скобки, поставив глаголы в Past Simple или Past Perfect. He (not to tell) me that he (to receive) a letter from her. I (to ask) him if he (to know) where she (to live). He (to answer), he (to lose) her address. She (to say) that he (to give) her the wrong number. I (to ask) him where he (to put) my letter. He (to tell) us that they (to spend) all the money. I (not to see) him before we (to meet) at the concert. He (to leave) the house before I (to have) time to ask him anything. I (to think) he already (to go) home. He (to speak) a language we never (to hear) before. He (to tell) me he (to learn) it from the newspaper.

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Гость Гость

He didn\'t tell me that he had received a letter from her
I asked him if he knew where she had lived
He answered he lost her address
She said that he had given her the wrong number
I asked him where he had put my letter
He told us that they had spent all the money
I hadn\'t seen him before we met at the concert
He had left the house before I had time to ask him anything
I thought he had already gone home
He spoke a language we had never heard before
He told me he had learnt it from the newspaper

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