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Твор на 8 -12 предложений
англоязычная страна которую я хочу посетить

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There are many wonderful cities in the world that I’d like to see. However, my long time dream is to visit the British capital. In my opinion, London is one of the most diverse and interesting cities on our planet. I have a to-do list for this place, which consists of six important points. First of all I’d like to see Piccadilly Circus. They say it is especially picturesque in the evenings, thanks to the bright neon signs. It has become a tradition to make a date next to the Fountain of Eros which is situated in the center of the square. The second object I want to see is the London Eye. It’s one of the largest and most innovative ferries wheels in the world. If I’m lucky and the weather is fine I can see many of London sights from the top of it. The third place that I want to visit is the wax museum of Madame Tussaud. It’s a legendary place where you can see a great number of celebrity wax figures. The fourth attraction that I’d like to see in London is the Natural History Museum, especially its Dinosaurs gallery. The fifth thing I want to do in London is to spend a day in a youth hostel. They say the atmosphere in such youth places is great. I hope to meet lots of international students there and to make new friends. The sixth point on my list is the boat trip on the River Thames. I’m sure the city views during this trip will be fantastic. In other words, London is my passion. I’d be very happy if my dream came true.

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