Гость Оʻzbek tili Архивный вопрос

16. (Have you known / Have you been knowing / Did you know) Bill since last year?
17. When you (stayed / stay / will stay) in the country, you’ll enjoy the beauty of the countryside.
18. Nick (has played / has been played / has been playing) football for three hours.
19. Surfing (invented / was invented / was inventing) many years ago.
20. This patient (was cured / will be cured / will cured) by the end of this week.
21. Nuclear weapons (mustn’t use / mustn’t be used / mustn’t be using) by people.
22. Susie (looked / was looking / had looked) through the letters before her elder sister got them.
23. The continent (discovering / discovered) by Cook was called Australia.
24. Do you know the girl (talking / talked) to Tom?
25. (Watering / Watered) by Jane, the flowers looked much fresher.
26. We didn’t expect our relatives (visit / to visit / visited) the Lake District.
27. Did you notice Pauline (to buy / buy / bought) a present for someone?
28. The teacher made the children (clean / to clean / cleaned) the classroom.
29. Bill asked if (did I visit / I had visited / had I visited) a desert in California.
30. Polly told her son (to not stay / not stay / not to stay) up late.
31. Mother told her children (act / to act / acted) their age.
32. Ralph asked (did I notice / if I noticed / if I had noticed) a fat man sitting at the front?
33. Kate said (summers were/ summers are / summers will be) very humid in Moscow.
34. Bill asked (where is / where was / where will be) the best place to go surfing

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Гость Гость

16. Have you known
17. stay
18. has been playing
19. was invented
20. will be cured
21. mustn’t be used
22. had looked
23. discovered
24. talking
25. Watered
26. to visit
27. bought
28. clean 
29. I had visited
30. not to stay
31. to act
32. if I had noticed
33. summers were
34. where was

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