Гость Оʻzbek tili Архивный вопрос

Помогите пожалуйста сделать английский
Выберите один правильный вариант употребления прилагательных из четырех предложенных. Переведите предложения (письменно).
1. That’s (good) sports programme I\'ve ever seen.
A a good
B the goodest
С the best
D better
2. Public transport in London is (expensive) in Europe.
A the expensivest
В the most expensive
С more expensive
D expensiver
3. Do you think these running shoes are (nice) than those ones?
A nicer
В the nicest
С most nice
D more nice
4. That was (short) fight in the history of boxing.
A the short
В the shorter
С the shortest
D more short
5. This is (old) stadium in London.
A an older
В the oldest
С the eldest
D more old
6. That was (bad) performance of their team.
A the worst
B worse
C bader
D badly
7. This physical education institute is (old) in Russia.
A as old as
В older
С the oldest
D the eldest
8. Go to the library if you need (far) information.
A farther
В further
С farer
D more far
9. The coach’s profession is (easy) than it used to be.
A the most easy
В more easy than
C easier than
D the easiest
10. Alpine skis are (heavy) than the racing ones.
A the most heavy
В heavier
С more heavy
D heaviest
11. The sports injure was (serious) than we expected.
A seriouser
В more serious
C the most serious
D the seriousest
12. Moscow is (large) city in Russia.
A the largest
В largest
С larger
D the most large
13. Let\'s buy this swimming suit. It\'s a bit (cheap).
A cheap
В cheaper
С the cheapest
D more cheap
14. Football is (popular) sports game in the world.
A more popular
B popularer
C the most popular
D the popularest
15. Yesterday it took me (little) time to cover this distance.
A less
B more little
C the most little
D littler
16. My friend is (clever) student in our group.
A more clever
B the most clever
C cleverer
D the cleverest
17. This is (busy) street in our city.
A more busy
B the most busy
C busier
D the busiest
18. Tennis is (active) kind of sports than chess.
A the most active
B active
C more active
D the activest
19. Wimbledon tournament is (famous) tennis contest in the world.
A the most famous
B more famous
C famouser
D the famousest
20. Mark is (young) of my teammates.
A younger
B more young
C the most young
D the youngest

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1)C 2)C 3)D 4)C 5)B 6)A 7)C 8)D 9)B 10)C 11)B 12)A 13)B 14)C 15)C 16)D 17)B 18)C 19)A 20)C

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