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Нужен небольшой рассказ на англ.яз. про историческую прическу. Например про прическу древнего египта,древнегреческую, древнеримскую ну и т.д. Не могу найти в интернете, есть только на русском

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The hairstyles of the Republic period were modest. During the Empire period, hairstyles, especially women\'s, become more complex and grow taller. In the female fashion, wireframe hairstyles appear. In ancient Rome, unlike Greece, women led a very active lifestyle, sometimes running an entire empire, standing behind the back of a husband or son, and they were where and to whom to show off.
During the period of the Republic, the Romans wore simple hairstyles that somewhat resembled the \"Greek knot\" hairstyle. So, they could wear a hairstyle consisting of long hair, divided into a straight parting and rear assembled into a three-dimensional bundle. Could also wear a hairdress \"nodus\" - the so-called roller of hair, which was done with a forehead. Behind her hair gathered in a bun.
During the Empire period, the Romans will wear two varieties of hairstyles - with different weaving braids, laid in several tiers, or with a curl, but on a frame. As a framework, copper wire was most often used.
So, there was a \"Tutulus\" hairstyle - a skeleton. Hair curled, rose with a forehead and attached to the frame. An addition to such a haircut could serve as a cone-shaped cap.
Legislators of fashion for hairstyles were mostly empresses - for women and emperors - for men.
So, the hair of the Empress Agrippina the Younger (the wife of Emperor Claudius and mother of Nero) is known. She wore a hairstyle with a light fringe on her forehead and with two voluminous hemispheres consisting of parallel strips of curled locks. On both sides of the neck several serpentine curls descended.
The fashion will include S-shaped bangs. And among the legionaries will be very popular short haircut \"hedgehog.\"

Romans and wigs were known. But most often the elderly Romans masked their baldness with false hair.

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