Гость Оʻzbek tili Архивный вопрос

33. It’s dark without the lights. Let’s ... A. switch on them B. turn them om C. to turn on them D. to switch them on 34. What time does the train ... Bristol? A. arrive into B. come at C. go into D. get to 35. How ... here? A. long you stay B. often you stay C. long are you staying D. often are you staying 36. Everybody ... in bed. A. has to spend some time B. have to spend some time C. has to spend sometimes D. have to spend sometimes 37. These are nice apples. How ... in a kilo? A. much are there B. many are there C. much are they D. many are they 38. Paul’s ill, so he ... a doctor tomorrow. A. is going to be visit B. goes to meet C. is going to see D. goes to tell 39. How ... from Leeds to Liverpool? A. far is there B. long is there C. far is it D. long way is.

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Гость Гость

33 b
34 d
35 c
36 a
37 b
38 c
39 c

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