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Поставьте глаголы в скобках в Passive Voice и переведите текст
The United Nations Organization (to found) officially on October the 24th, 1945 when the Charter (to ratify) by China, France, the USSR, the UK and by a majority of other countries. The main objective (цель) of the UN is to maintain peace and security. Its members are to take collective measures- to develop friendly relations among nations. The UNO (to house) in two skyscrapers on the embankment of the East River in New York. International sessions (to hold) often in the buildings of the UNO

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1) was found
2) was ratified
3) is housed
4) are held


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На будущее, Passive Voice - Пассивный залог. Создаётся он при помощи конструкции в настоящем времени am/is/are + v3(ed) в прошлом was/were v3(ed) в будущем will be + v3(ed)