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I work at Poleson Ltd. ...1... there since 1967. Last month the manager asked ...2... one morning ...3... time. He was new so I wondered ...4. When I went to see him, he said “I’d like ...5... me with a special project. I’ve heard that you speak German.” He said that a factory in Germany wanted a specialist for six months. “Tell me ...6... go.” I ...7... a few days to think about it. “All right,” he said, “and if you want all the details, my secretary ...8... them to you. “So I asked his secretary ...9... give me the papers. “I don’t know where they are,” she said. “When I ...10... them, I’ll phone you. Oh! Here they are. Let me ...11... them
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When I told my But next day I told the
A. I’m working
B. I’ve been working C. I am worker
D. I have been worker 2.
A. I should see him
B. me see him
C. that I saw him
D. me to see him
A. when I should have B. then I should have C. when I had
D. then I had
friends about it they all said, “...12...!” “I ...13...,” I said. manager I wanted to go and he said, “I hoped ...14...”
A. will give
B. is going to give C. gives
D. is giving
A. please
B. to
C. please to
D. that she
A. Am going to find B. will find
C. find
D. am finding

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guest 4.A. how he would beB. how he should beC. what he would be like D. how he should like me 5.A. that you will helpB. that you should help C. you to helpD. you helping6.A. if you mayB. if you canC. may youD. can you7.A. explained him I liked B. explained him I’d like C. told him I likedD. told him I’d like
guest 11.A. to haveB. haveC. to getD. get12.A. It looks to be marvelous B. It looks marvelouslyC. It seems marvelousD. It seems marvelously 13.A. didn’t yet say that yes B. haven’t said yes yetC. haven’t yet said that yes D. didn’t yet say yes14.A. that you’d agreeB. that you agreedC. for you to agreeD. you to agree


Гость Гость

1. B. I’ve been working
2. D. me to see him
3. C. when I had
4. C. what he would be like
5. C. you to help
6. B. if you can
7. D. told him I’d like
8. A. will give
9. B. to
10. B. have
12. A. It looks to be marvelous
13. B. haven’t said yes yet
14. A. that you’d agree

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