Гость Оʻzbek tili Архивный вопрос

Английский язык: составьте предложения из слов.
Left,my,ten minutes,I,sleepers,ago,here.Painted, last year, the hose, we.On a business, his father, went, trip, last week.At the theatre, the children, many ,ate, sweets, yesterday morning.Helen, last year, loved, Billy.Missed, yesterday , we, the bus, morning.Worked, his grandmother, in the library, five years ago.Ate,a pizza,yesterday,they,for dinner/.
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Гость Гость

I left my sleepers here ten minutes ago.
We painted the hose last year.
His father went on a business trip last week.
The children ate many sweets at the theatre yesterday morning.
Billy loved Hellen last year.
We missed the bus yesterday morning.
His grandmother worked in the library five years ago.
They ate a pizza for dinner yesterday.

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