Гость Оʻzbek tili Архивный вопрос

Choose the correct answer. Only one answer is correct. 15. Must we ... this homework tonight?

A. to do B. to make C. do D. make

16. My piano is magnificent. ... since I was 18.

A. I got it B. I’ve got it C. I have it D. I’ve had it 17. The last time ... to the library was last week.

A. I have gone B. I have been C. I was D. I went

18. My parents ... in this evening.

A. are both B. all are C. both are D. are all

19. I don’t want ...

A. that anybody saw me B. anybody to see me C. that anybody sees me

D. anybody see me

20. Can I ... this book back to you?A. to take B. to bring C. take D. bring

21. Why is there ... traffic on the streets in February than in May?

A. less B. fewer C. few D. little

22. ... it’s raining, we’ll stay at home.

A. As B. Like C. How D. Because of

23. Tim sat near the fire ... warm.

A. for to get B. for get C. to get D. for getting

24. I don’t know where ...

A. the lavatory to be B. is the lavatory C. be the lavatory

25. We watched carefully ... the houses.

A. during she walked against B. during she walked towards walked against D. while she walked towards

D. the lavatory is C. while she

26. Jane had ... furniture for her room.

A. enough B. many C. all D. any

27. I like ... two records.

A. these both B. both these C. all these D. these all

28. To drive a care safely it is ... good brakes.

A. essential with B. essential having C. essential to have

29. If you’ve read my book, please ... to me.

A. give it again B. give again it C. give it back D. give back it

30. ... people came than I expected.

A. Other B. Fewer C. Another D. Few

31. In some countries children normally go ... bikes.

A. to school on B. to the school on C. to school by D. to the school by 32. You’ll get cold without your coat.

A.Takeonit! B.Takeiton! C.Putonit! D.Putiton!

D. essential have33. We haven’t got a record player. Let’s ...

A. to borrow the Mary’s B. borrow Mary’s C. to lend one of Mary D. lend

Mary’s one

34. Mary ... be in Paris because I saw her in town only an hour ago.

A. mustn’t B. isn’t able to C. can’t D. may not

35. The station? Take the second turning ...

A. to left, then go straight on B. to the left, then go straight on C. to left, then go right forward D. to the left, then go right forward

36. Simon ... the club.

A. often plays tennis at B. often plays tennis on C. plays often tennis at D.

plays often tennis on

37. Do you want another cake? No, thank you, ...

A. I still have got some left B. I’ve still got some left C. I still have some ones D. I have still some ones

38. The men ... were all office workers.

A. which I talked B. to those I talked C. those I talked to D. I talked to

39. ... is Oxford from Cambridge?

A. How far B. How long C. How long away D. What distant

40. She ... the cinema, but her husband doesn’t go with her.

A. used to go B. usually sees C. often goes to D. visits sometimes

41. We’ve looked ... for the keys we lost.

A. in all places B. at all places C. over all D. everywhere

42. There’s something wrong with the table. Yes, I can ...

A. feel it that it’s moving B. touch its moves C. touch it moving D. feel it moving

43. Sally never goes to pubs.

A. Tom doesn’t that either. B. Tom doesn’t too. C. Neither does Tom. D. Tom does neither.

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Гость Гость

15 C
16 D
17 D
18 C
19 B
20 B
21 A
22 A
23 C
24 B
25 D
26 A
27 A
28 C
29 C
30 B
31 C
32 D
33 D
34 C
35 B
36 A
37 B
38 D
39 A
40 C
41 D
42 D
43 C

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