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Помогите пожалуйста.Напишите пожалуйста 10 вопросов на английском к следующему тексту который ниже
Here we are at the station from which Frieda and Jan are going to Switzerland. None of the students are here yet, so we can look round the station and watch the busy life that is going on. There are a lot of platforms (seventeen of them) from which trains comenin and go out. Frieda`s train goes from platform 2, so let us walk in that direction. There`s the booking office where you can buy a ticket for your journey. Let`s listen to that man buying a ticket.
Man : I want a ticket to Brighton, please, second class.
Booking Clerk : Single or return?
Man : Return, please.
Booking Clerk : Second return, Brighton; fifteen shillings, please. (The man gives him a pound note.) Five shillings change, thank you.
Man : Could you tell me what time the next train goes?
Booking Clerk : 8.55, platform 12. If you hurry you`ll just catch it.
Man : Thanks.(He hurries away.)

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1 Where are Frieda and Jan going?
2 Are the students already here?
3 What can we do while the students come?
4 How many platforms are there?
5 What platform does Frieda\'s train go?
6 Where can you buy a ticket for your journey?
7 Where does the man want to buy a ticket?
8 Does a man want to buy a single or return ticket?
9 How much is the ticket for Brighton?
10 Can the man catch the train?

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